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    John Prohs


Working closely with architects and clients on major commercial projects, John Prohs exercises his exceptional creative talents and expertise to design systems that well meet a client's 21st century technological needs while being sensitive to the architect's aesthetic goals. 

John is recognized throughout the acoustical consulting community and the audio contracting industry for his breakthrough developments of computer-based tools for use in sound system design and venue evaluations. 

And he directed the team in latter 1980s that developed quite possibly the first large scale remote staff capable call center in the world. He and his team were granted a patent for their work. In 1990 the telecommunication control system was one of only 5 finalists in the Business and Related Services category for the Computerworld Honors Program ( formerly the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards ). For inclusion, innovations are considered "whose use of information technology has been especially noteworthy for the originality of its conception, the breadth of its vision and the significance of its benefit to society". 

John has also been granted patents for a system which interrelates sound transducers or sound sources and their environment and for telecommunications control systems utilizing in-band signaling

Because of his extensive knowledge and experience and his reputation for integrity; other consultants have relied on John Prohs for answers regarding their more challenging design situations and to successfully help mitigate or stave off litigious situations.

He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society; member of the Acoustical Society, and chairman of the Richard Heyser Scholarship Foundation.  He has been listed in Who's Who in California, 2000 Notable Men, and Who's Who in American Science and Engineering.


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