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Carmel's Sunset Theatre 

During the Sunday performance, in the back where I was seated, the world-class acousticians who designed the sound environment for Sunset were giving the hall an acoustical checkup.

Their presence in the auditorium during this symphony performance served as a happy reminder of our good fortune to be able to hear music in such a splendid concert hall.

The Monterey Symphony has never sounded better as Bragado takes the musicians to new levels of distinction. But these gentlemen can also take a bow for the superb clarity with which we can now hear the players. They designed an acoustical masterpiece for this community. 

Source: Symphony raises the bar in latest classic program by Herald Correspondent,


Our Lady of Angels Cathedral

From an LA Audio Engineering Society article on John Prohs' and accoustician Dennis Paoletti's presentation to the society -- in conjunction with a technical tour of the Cathedral. 


... This well-designed circumstance allowed the team to exploit a pocket of speech intelligibility in the vertical zone by using downward-firing loudspeakers, each esconced in a trumpet in the center of a chandelier, while still allowing a very grand reverberant zone for the organ and music.

The speech zone is controlled by the aforementioned tapestries on the sides walls, which absorb reflections off the floor, while the acoustic treatment in the ceiling further absorb the vertical reflections. ...

The ceiling above the organ is also slatted but not filled with absorptive material; this gives the organ the near-field reflections it needs to project its full amplitude and dynamic range into the worship space. 

The audience, ... could discern clearly that the design team had achieved their goal of creating both speech intelligibility and music reverberance in the same space.

Source: LA AES technical tour of the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels February 17, 2004

Letters of Thanks

Over the years John has received numerous letters from pleased clients thanking him for his work:

My highest regards to your Mr. Prohs who not only had the knowledge overcome the engineering and technical problems, but also possessed a diplomacy and language skills to reconcile all parties involved, as well as common to relate them whatever level of understanding needed ...

I have yet to meet anyone who possess the wide variety of skills and the ability to use them so effectively as Mr. Prohs.

Christopher B.  Parsons, 
Stagehands Unlimited Inc.
Sound engineer for Norfolk Scope Arena


Not long after opening, it became apparent the sound system and acoustic will characteristics of the facility were subpar.  Mr. John Prohs did an acoustical/sound system study prior to the convention ...  Mr. Prohs and his staff assisted with implementing several practical low-cost changes. The sound characteristics of the facility were measurably improved.

I highly recommend them as experts in this area.

Daniel O. Davis
Pensacola Civic Center



We are very pleased with the results of your work ... and believe me we have had sound companies from Georgia and Florida come here to work on the system before and none have done a job equal to which your crew has accomplished.

Hartley Auditorium
Jekyll Island, George


The system design is without a doubt much better than I could have imagined.  You are to be commended on your knowledge and technical abilities.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with someone of your stature.  All the praise and respect I hear others speak of you is well deserved. ...

Zachary Murphy
Ocean Center, Daytona Beach



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