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Early in his career, John Prohs (along with then student Tony Zagnich) developed a prototype time-gated spectrum analyzer pioneering the way for commercial multiprocessor based spectrum analyzers prevalent today.  He presented a paper on it at the 57th Audio Engineering Society convention titled Utilization of a New Time Gated Spectrum Analyser to Measure Sound System Effectiveness and received a standing ovation.

He developed a fully three dimensional distortion free array mapping system used for designing sound reinforcement systems. And he co-authored the software known as the PHD(tm) program, with David Harris, used by sound system designers around the world for many years. 

The October 1984 issue of Sound and Communications Magazine cover article, Sound System Design Prohs and Cons, featured the PHD(tm) Program and the mapping method developed by John Prohs.

And one entire chapter of the well-known book, Sound System Engineering ( Editions One and Two) by Don and Carolyn Davis was devoted to it.

Another well regarded book, The Handbook for Sound Engineers Third Edition by Glen Ballou page 1142 also refers to the program.. 

John was Technical Director of the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California, and approved the acoustical design and oversaw the installation of all the technical systems in it. The auditorium drew the top artists in their field, including the late pianist Vladimir Horowitz, the Vienna Symphony, opera star Luciano Pavarotti, and the singer Pearl Bailey. And a number of network television specials were held in the auditorium.

At the same time, he also served as Technical Coordinator for one of the world's largest annual conventions -- overseeing the technical crews for the 28 US sites and providing consulting for the convention's 57 international locations.  These sites were set up with video projection, and state of the art sound reinforcement systems.  Many accommodated over 8000 people.  They were linked to a live satellite transmission originating in the U. S. on the opening day. 

As his reputation grew, John was increasingly called on to redesign the permanent sound reinforcement systems for various arenas and convention facilities.

John formed and managed the Ambassador Technology Group.  He led his team in the development of a wide variety of innovative technical solutions including a remote call forwarding system, color video distribution on standard telephone lines, and a state of art facilities security access control system. 

After leaving Pasadena in 1998, he worked for EIS (aka Intellisys) in Northern California. On his first project with them, John utilized a new acoustical auralization method for the Sony Metreon in San Francisco, as well as designing the sound systems and show control systems for the “Wild Things”. 

John continues to find ways to provide better designs. He created his own more accurate tools for calculating conduit fill, heat load, wire loss and loudspeaker attenuation. And he developed a portable highly directive efficient sound source for analyzing building acoustics, as well as an improved microphone fixture for doing polar energy time curves.

John served as guest editor for the AES Time Delay Spectrometry a 279 page anthology of the late Richard C. Heyser.  He also was a guest instructor for several Syn- Aud-Con workshops including one titled Engineering Loudspeaker Arrays. John, along with industry notables Dr. Eugene Paronis of Georgia Tech, David Klepper of KMK and Ted Uzzle of Altec Lansing, conducted it in 1982. 

John joined the international technology consulting firm of Shen, Milsom, Wilke - headquartered in New York - in 2000.  

John was asked to head up Shen Milsom & Wilke Inc’s sound reinforcement systems research activities and auralization studies and serve as an audio systems consulting resource for the SMW offices worldwide. In addition, he has completed numerous major AV design projects for SMW. 

After several years with SMW, John formed his own consulting firm.

Internationally recognized by his peers for his expertise and contributions to the field -- John Prohs' capabilities speak for themselves. 



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